3 Days Out & Half A Stomach

Today is my third day post-op after having a good portion of my stomach removed. So far I’ve been tremendously thankful to report almost no gas pain from the procedure! I have a bit of pain in my abdomen near my belly button, but not anything that isn’t manageable. Over all, I don’t think it could have gone any better!

Thankfully, my surgeon gave very simple and clear instructions: hydrate. Several of my fellow sleevers (still not sure if I like that word yet) have been given strict orders to hit a water minimum of 64 oz. and protein goal of 40 grams the entire first week. I was SO thankful that my doctor gave me one job. The day of surgery it was difficult to get in my water. The day after it was less difficult, but still not enjoyable. Yesterday and today it’s felt less like a chore and more normal.

I’ve been able to mix in a little protein here and there. Unflavored whey protein irks me. I can’t get it to blend right and it leaves a weird film in my mouth. This morning I mixed up a half a scoop into 8oz. of ice water in a blender bottle and was able to sip and enjoy that! I may have to keep that going for the next couple of days.

Also- hot tea goes down like magic! I shocked myself when I’d finished my first cup of hot tea this evening. It was such a pleasant surprise to be finished so quickly.

Over all:
-Laying down still feels more comfortable
-I’m staying hydrated
-I can’t keep any pills down, but I expected as much
-I’m not in horrible discomfort
-I’m physically tired
-The bruising isn’t as bad as I’d anticipated
-My movement is slow but not very painful
-I am constantly aware of the pain, but not hurting horribly from it

My fantastic husband has done a phenomenal job of taking care of me. The day of surgery he woke me up every hour to walk, drink and put my DVT preventative leg squeezers on. Since then he’s gone above and beyond to ensure I’m comfortable and taken care of. He’s really got that, “in sickness and in health” thing down. A few years ago when I had major scary eye issues- he had to wake up every hour on the hour through the night to put drops in my eyes. No complaints, just taking care of me. I’ve flashed back a little bit to that. I appreciate how well he loves me and love him lots for it. 🙂

I’m also über thankful to everyone who’s checked in on me! I couldn’t have a better support system.

Thanks, y’all!


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