One Week Post-Op

Today was my one week post-op surgical visit! Debi drove me out to Ft. Worth to meet with Dr. Novak and the PA. It wasn’t a long visit but it was a great one!
-Scar sites healing nicely
-Good feedback on liquids/protein
-Date for lifting and exercise bumped to 3 weeks!
-All great!

As I was talking to my surgeon and the PA, it was so incredibly encouraging to hear them say, “we just knew you’d do great”.  Maybe they say that their patients, who knows. I don’t really care. I know that they mean it. It feels SO great to hear your surgeon and their staff cheer you on and to celebrate your progress as much as you are! One of the reasons why I chose Dr. Novak to begin with was because I felt that he was confident in ME. Not cocky because he’s a great surgeon, not confident in the surgery- confident in ME! That’s a great feeling!

I let Dr. Novak know I was interested in trying Title Boxing and he seemed really thrilled with that idea. He mentioned he had wanted me working with a trainer so I wouldn’t hurt myself, but he was very familiar with Title and said that was a perfect route to go. I’m excited to get to try it out in a few weeks and see how I like it!

In other news, I’m basically having a long-term love affair with tomato soup. There. It’s out now. Tomato soup is life. Based on my certified tomato soup expert opinion, I’m providing you all with a definitive ranking of best and worst tomato soups:

Worst: Campbells (canned)
-Lacks any flavor
-Can be saved if you add your own basil/salt/milk
Bad: Progresso
-Salty and sad
Mostly OK: Campbells (boxed)
-More flavor, that’s about it
Alright: Starwood
-Texture was really smooth but had bizarrely large chunks of tomato
Better: Panera
-Favor doesn’t need any help
-Only gripe is some of the tomato chunks were yellow, not red. That weirded me out
Best: La Madeline
-God’s gift to the soup world
-Please bury me with a jar of this

Now that we’re all on the same page about the soup situation, I can tell y’all a little about my new (old) liquid diet. I’m back on full liquids… yay! I had a FABULOUS half a protein shake (GNC Go Lean, duh) this morning. Some La Madeline’s tomato soup for lunch (about half a bowl- which is somewhere around half a cup?) and for “dinner” I finished the 2nd half of my shake. Tomorrow I’ll be better about protein because I can add my unflavored protein to my at home soups- but it sure is nice being able to sit and have soup like a normal person.

There have been two really difficult changes so far:
1. Not drinking while eating
2. Putting the spoon down while eating
REALLY, really, really difficult. I’ve been watching Dr. Duc Vuong‘s videos and he said until you get into the habit, you should try sitting on your hands between bites. While I’m not “chewing” my soup, I’m also not gulping it down either. It is shockingly difficult to set the damn spoon down between bites. Who knew! When I do start eating, it’ll be a longer process of chewing between each bite- but this is a solid habit to get into now! For the next week, I’ll keep practicing on soup. 🙂



5 thoughts on “One Week Post-Op”

  1. Yayyyy!!!

    I’m so happy for you that you had an excellent follow up visit! I agree that it feels amazing when a doctor says “I believe you can do this”. I went to a weight loss center back in the day and the woman signing me up asked what I wanted my goal weight to be. I said I didn’t know, what did she think. She said let’s say 200 because you’ll never get under 200 lb. What a jerk! And I’m so ashamed that I set there and nodded and said yes I agree with that! And you know what? She was right! On that diet I only got to about 2:25 and could not get any lower. It’s funny I still think of that now, and I’m definitely below 200 so that should show her! 🙂

    I’m going to have to look up the soup that you’re talking about. I was on a tomato soup kick myself right after surgery. I pretty much ate any tomato soup by the brand Pacific.

    And yayyyyy for boxing too! I did that for a month or so back in the winter and absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to read about you starting your classes.

    Have a great week two!!


  2. Thank you for the tip on the soups. I am pre pre pre pre op for VSG and am chomping at the bit. I don’t want to mess this up! Or forget anything? I told a friend, “What if it doesn’t work for me?” and she responded, “WHY wouldn’t it work for you?!” – so I am trying to learn. Gather info. Any advice for me?


    1. Hi Heather!

      I’d recommend doing exactly what you’re doing- reading and studying up! I basically obsessively watched, read and talked to everybody that I could while I was pre-op. I didn’t want ANY surprises. So far, I haven’t had any! All the “weird” stuff that can happen to patients was old news and not big or scary sounding/feeling because I’d already heard that it could happen and what you could do about it.

      I’d also recommend joining online support groups. There are a few Facebook groups that people post in pretty regularly. It’s helpful to hear other people talk about issues/NSVs/triumps… it’s just more info gathering that’s helpful!


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