So far I’ve lost at least 23.65 inches. That is NUTS. I know it’s more than that too, since these measurements only start from 3 weeks post-op! That’s a ton of body that’s gone. I’m thankful to see it go!

This week has been significant in my journey for a two huge reasons:
1. I’m in the 220’s now
2. I see myself now

On the 220’s:
Back in 2011 Jennie moved the scale from her bathroom to our laundry room… I’m not sure if she was making space or had noticed I’d packed on a ton of weight rather quickly and was trying to help me without screaming, “DEAR GOD WOMAN, LOOK AT YOURSELF!” a subtle scale re-home is more her style. It had been months since I’d weighed myself but in my head I was still 180 something. When the scale read 220 something I thought, “gee, when did that happen? I should do something about this.” and continued drinking copious amounts of boxed wine and eating my hearts content of mac & cheese. I remember having conversations with myself that sounded a lot like this:
-If I get a hold of this now, I can get back under 200!
-It’s only 40ish pounds
-You put it on overnight and you can take it off overnight!
-How the hell did you put on 40ish pounds?
-Where did this come from?
-If you don’t stop this now, it’ll get away from you
Yet, it just rose from there. So, here I am. Back in the 220’s. That place where I really, really, really finally noticed I was gaining. It feels weird to be back here because 220s feels like I’ve made it back to the base of the mountain. Once I get in the 180’s, I don’t think I’ll know what to do with myself. My goal weight is significantly under 180, but that will feel like uncharted territory. 180 was my teenage and early 20’s weight. What does life as an adult look like at less than 180lbs? I can’t wait to find out.

On seeing myself:
If you follow me on Instagram (@lighterladd) you’ve already seen this. I went upstairs at work to curl my hair where I could sit on the floor. I enjoy a good sit and curl.. standing and curling just feels like work. No thanks. Mirrors aren’t fun. Most of the time when I see myself in the mirror I see all the immediate flaws and through years of practice I’ve been able to quickly shove all the flaws into a box into the back of my brain and finish whatever task I’ve started (doing my hair, fixing my makeup, checking clothing for stains/wrinkles/dog hair). If I didn’t immediately shove all the “bad” into a mental box, I’d probably stand there for ages picking apart everything that I don’t like about my body.
Anyway, Sunday while I was sitting in front of the massive mirrors in the bridal suite, I looked in the mirror and just saw me.
I didn’t see extra chins.
I didn’t see love handles.
I didn’t see giant arms.
I didn’t see back rolls.
I just saw me! I sort of wanted to cry happy and confused tears over it but I just really enjoyed seeing myself staring at me in the mirror vs. all my flaws glaring at me from their tiny box in the back of my head. What a great feeling!


Camp Gladiator starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “23.65″”

  1. YESS!!! Yay for you for having such a great NSV – seeing your own reflection and not picking it apart is definitely a success worth celebrating!! šŸ™‚

    I know what you mean about the 220s being “the base of the mountain” and back to where you first noticed things getting out of control. For me that was around the 240s – that was the number I’d get down to repeatedly and then gain it all back. It’s definitely a moment to reflect on and note how differently you feel. A difference, for me, was noting how in the past the 240s had been an all out struggle to get to. And damn near impossible to stay at. The 240s had always felt like a hard won achievement that was tenuous and just about to slip out of my grasp. When I hit the 240s last year it was so easy and I sailed right through them… so so so so different!!


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