Vacation & the sleeve

I’m finally able to eat pureed foods and soft foods. Let me tell you, it’s glorious.

Alex & I were able to take an impromptu trip to Colorado this week. We spent a few nights in Denver and our last day/night in Colorado Springs. It was so wonderful to get away. We’ve been ultra busy lately- his eye surgery, my VSG surgery, work going a mile a minute… we’ll just say, we needed it! When the mountains are callin’, ya gotta go.

The last time I was in Colorado was last October when Debi got a wild hair and a great deal on plane tickets. Here is a comparison picture from then and from this week!


Yikes. There’s that. I can’t tell you exactly how much I weigh in the left picture, but we’ll say it was at my starting weight. Between here and that picture there is a THIRTY SIX POUND DIFFERENCE! Holy moly! Just… insane. I see it a bit in my body, but mostly see it in my face. I can tell I’ve lost weight because my eyes and mouth have both gotten bigger. I forgot that happens when I lose weight.

Finding puree or soft food appropriate foods was a little tougher than I expected. Although, most restaurants sold some kind of fish and that was really great! Chick-fil-a also will make you scrambled cheesy eggs… this was a major win.

Anyway, much like all adoring mothers like to list of the things their babies love to eat, I’ll give you a list of things that don’t make me want to puke:
-refried beans
-cottage cheese

I’m still having a protein shake a day- 60 grams of protein is REALLY hard to get in when you can only eat a condiment cup size of food at once. I’m working on it! When I can, I try to add protein powder to foods. It doesn’t always happen, but at least I’m really well hydrated. I’ve got that going for me!

In other news, several of my dresses now look “frumpy”. They’re baggy and look weird in certain spots. This is a very new feeling. I’m anxious to get rid of all my clothes because trying to find a dress this weekend was extremely frustrating. I’m not going to rush out and buy a ton of new clothes yet- but I’d really love to get rid of the ones that aren’t working.

True Confessions: I did buy a size XL shirt while in Colorado and a size L shirt at the Jimmy Eat World/Incubus concert. I had to.


Well, here we are.

My name is Alee and I’m fat.

How do you like that for outstanding literature? There it is. I’ve been overweight for nearly my entire life. I’ve actively participated in the the fat free fad, Snackwells boom, grapefruit diets, low carb, high fat, protein only, Lean Cuisines, HIT workouts, weight lifting, intense cardio, running and more calorie counting than I can remember. Yet, here we are- still fat.

Most of my young life I was a head taller than everyone in my class. I would stand in the back of group photos, not to hide my body, but because I was proud to be one of the (if not THE) tallest girls in my age group. When Jr. High hit, I quit growing up and began growing out. Prior to this, it was easy to say that I was “big boned”- whatever that is supposed to mean. Friends got taller and I kept growing wider. Unfortunately, I never did progress past my 7th grade height. Extra unfortunately, I did progress to an obscene number on the scale. At 27, I’ve decided to take a drastic step in reclaiming my body- I’ve elected to have the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) surgery.

This isn’t a decision I came to lightly, but the opportunity came suddenly. Before I knew it, I’d booked a couple of appointments and headed off to one of my favorite cities (major love for Cowtown) to see my first choice in Doctors. Upon pulling into the parking lot, a  waive of nausea hit me- “Do I really want to do this?”

A million reasons why I’ve wanted to do this popped into my head- the biggest ones being:
-I want to live a long and healthy life
-When we finally decide to start a family, I want a healthy pregnancy
-I’m SO tired of trying to lose weight and feeling defeated
The answer is an absolute, resounding- YES. Yes!

I want to do this. So- off to the appointment I went. I spent over an hour with the doctor and a friendly nurse then another half hour going over the financials with another lady. The doctor was optimistic, but very real. No sugar coating, but supportive. I left the appointment feeling resolved and at peace with my decision.

Today, I made the call to the doctor’s office and have all my pre-op appointments set. They’ve assigned a surgery date of July 20th, 2017! The day is rapidly approaching and I can’t wait!

The reason I’ve decided to blog is that I’d like to be as candid as possible about my experience with weight loss surgery. I’ve had friends who have lost significant weight from diet and exercise alone. I’ve also had friends who have lost significant weight through weight loss surgery. Our bodies are fascinating! I LOVE hearing other people’s stories and hopefully you’ll enjoy hearing mine. This is my journey to becoming a lighter Ladd. 🙂